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What Will it be? Autobiography, memoir or biography


Before moving forward, the question that you must answer is “what do you want to write?

Indicate whether you are thinking about writing an autobiography, a memoir, a biography, or other project?  Give as much detail as you would like.





An autobiography is a story of your whole life, going back to your birth. You may consider doing a story of your life, about the values that are important to you, and that have made you who you are. 

This allows you to look at yourself throughout the different phases of your life.


A memoir is an account of a special occurrence in your life. You may have faced some major challenges that you have overcome or struggles that may have taught you some important lessons that you want to share with others.  Or you may want to share something special with the world.  For example, if you had just completed climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, you may want to share your experience with others.


A biography is an account of someone else’s life. Often, it could be the life of a spouse, a parent, or someone you admire.


If you are writing about yourself, before you start, decide whether you want to write an autobiography or a memoir.  If you are thinking of writing a biography, let me know your relationship to the person. 

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