Professional Biography

Professional bios are important tools in today’s digital world and these can be relatively short, usually to give the reader some idea of who you are. These can be used on Twitter, LinkedIn, in About the Author or as introduction to a speaker. You may find many other uses for a short bio. If you are planning a career, or undertaking an enterprise where you want to be memorable, it is important to brand yourself in a way you want potential employers or business partners to think of you. A professional bio can be thought of as similar to the branding that a company does. Also, think of your professional bio as the first, and sometimes as the only, impression you will make on another person. Make that impression lasting and make it a good one. However, not everyone believes he or she needs a professional bio, and this is your choice. But remember, it can help.

What I have noticed, though, is that as people get older, they tend to think more in terms of self-actualization. In evaluating their lives, they often consider what they have accomplished and think about the legacy they will leave. This is one of the motivating factors why people write autobiographies. When considering writing something about yourself, consider whether you are looking for a short professional bio, or whether you are at the stage in life where you are considering an autobiography or a memoir. Or you may even be considering a biography of someone else you admire and who may have had a great impact on your life. Inevitably, you would have to give some insight into yourself and why this person has been so important to you.

Or you may be a professional, highly skilled in an area, and you want to promote yourself as the professional that you know you are. You may want to turn your expertise into an income, something that you may have thought of seriously and judiciously. This may be an opportunity for you to package your skills and reach out to others who may be in need of the knowledge you have. Or you may simply want to use your knowledge and expertise as a calling card for potential customers to your existing business.

Regardless of your writing needs, I am here to help. Reach out to me through my contact information on this site and let’s start the conversation.